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I blog about a lot of different things, mostly anime and games! Also my default obsession is yu yu hakusho

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The thirst almost caused me to confess today but I stayed strong. Hopefully he’ll start dating this other girl and then I will be free from this hell

Tumblr seriously starting to piss me off with not posting


Unless bipper attempt 4 is beautiful, I probably won’t sell the prints but I might do a giveaway for them and then later make better ones to sell

But idk maybe this bipper will come out good

Ruins bipper for the third time

A bunch of junk from my Picadilly + one water color from my canson

I couldn’t even take a pic before I used it but I’m so happy I’ve been dying to have this set

Cries I literally destroyed my bipper print twice like beyond salvaging (‘: now I have to come in early and probably destroy it again I’m rly upset

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